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Re: [T3] Just wondering

I have to agree with Toby on this one.....

The additional danger from suicide doors is more to the car than to the
passengers.  Accidently opening the doors while moving WILL cause
significant damage to the car and could tear the door from the hinges.
If you are seatbelted (we all wear our seat belts, right), suicide doors
will not increase your chances of being thrown from the car in an
accident.  Maybe before seatbelts were standard equipment and people
used them, you could fall out if the door was accidently opened while
moving, but not if you are belted.

Suicide doors are making a comeback.  Check out any extended cab truck
with 3rd or 4th doors.  The rear doors are suicide.  And now the Saturn
Coupe has a suicide 3rd door.  Granted these doors can not be opened
unless the front doors are opened first, and they are technically not
doors.....they are "access panels".  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards (FMVSS) prohibit suicide passenger doors on production

John Jaranson (former Ford Motor Company Safety Research Engineer)
'71 FI Auto Fasty

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