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Re: [T3] DistribušEĻ^ type3-d@vwtype3.org

I'm running dual Weber ICT 34s with a combination vacuum/mechanical advance
distributor and, outside of my being a bonehead and not setting the contact
points in properly, the distributor seems to work just fine. Once I get my
odometer working again so  I can see my mpg I'll know for certain, but what
I've learned is that the combination distribs give much much better economy
with a curve that competes with the 009. And besides, unless you're planning
to really do a number on your engine, any power advantage of a 009 over a
more economical combination distributor (provided your vacuum pickups are
compatible) is negligible compared to the truly significant difference in
gas mileage. If your source of information is Muir, I've learned that alot
of what muir has to say has to be taken with a grain of salt as regards T3s.
If your source is the VW mags, then throw them away if you dont want to be
soundly conned into throwing your cash away needlessly.

The only reason to buy those magazines is for the paint jobs and the names
of part suppliers
Even the girls are sorry. What kind of truly hot chick would aspire to model
with an old VW anyway, no matter HOW dark it is...

72 Sqbk

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