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[T3] Clink clink... aw sh!^!!

Well, I knew it was bound to happen.  Had to.  I can't get lucky enough
for something like this NOT to happen.  

Got one head on and snugged down, tubes nice and tight, and started on
the other side.  Had the tubes loosely fitted, so of course the head
doesn't touch the cylinders.  Can you see where this is going??  Tried
to start a nut on about 2 threads of the stud.  Slips...  Makes a
perfect back flip with a half-twist right down that PR tube.  Nary a
splash - it's a 10!!  And we all know where the PR tubes go...  Pulled a
cylinder and piston off.  Got the flashlight, rolled the engine around. 
Could hear that lil nut sliding, rolling around in there mocking me, "Ya
done done it now, boy."  After a little storming around, I closed up
shop (my spare bedroom) and called it a night.  Got some mechanical
fingers from work today.  Tipped the engine, shined my light, looked
down past the cam and lo and behold, there it was, shining back up at
me!  Snaked the fingers in, snag, back out - easy now - and Voila! One
nut safely and easily extracted.  The visions of case splitting slowly
slipped from my now joyful thoughts.  And so it goes...

C-ya@tmgbbs.com  http://tmgbbs.com/cya
'95 CBR9 FeRRari red (now) w/ '93 bodywork
'71 VW Squareback

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