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Re: [T3] Valve Adjustment......

Ok, sorry i have been lagging behind in reading the posts, so if you 
have already figured out the problem, then great.  But, i have to admit, 
the first time i set the valves, i had the same problem you are having, 
where it either seems that the gap is way t+r that it is so small 
that you can't even back the screw out far enough to get the .006 Muir 
reccommends.  I also used Muir's book.  It's been a while since my first 
time, so i don't remember the specifics of where i went wrong, but i'll 
try at it in case you are doing the same thing.  When Muir says to watch 
the exhaust valve dip in, and once it closes, from the book, i had the 
impression that that is where TDC is, but it's not.  He says to turn the 
engine farther around.  So actually, you are like 180 degrees off TDC, 
so of course your valves will seem to be way off.  I even went as far to 
assume that during the engine assembly process that the cam and crank 
got out of alignment, until a friend of mine told me this.  "Look at the 
marks on the pulley/fan, line it up with the mark in the case, and make 
sure the distributor is pointing to the corresponding wire for the 
cylinder of the valves you are setting, you know you're at TDC if when 
you turn the engine about 2 inches in either direction the valves won't 
move."  He really helped me through the hard time because i literally 
went crazy about this.

Well, there's my thought on the matter, tell me if i was right or not, 
or if you have it, i'd also like to know what the problem is (if you 
determine it).  And, if anyone else has had the same experience, please 
tell me too, that way we can laugh about it,

Jacob Schroeder
'72 Squareback
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