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Re: [T3] fast idle

On 17 Mar 99, at 2:16, oofacts@earthlink.net wrote:

> I'll be damned
> if the contact points weren't set properly in the bottom of the distrib
> plate. Little pin not in little hole

I've seen people do this before. You'll never do it again.

> Well, anyway set dwell again, and this time REALLY REALLY focussed on
> getting the spark gap dead on .024 so that .025 would not make the clearance
> but .024 would.

This is not necessary. If you have a dwell meter use that to adjust 
the points. The two measurements actually measure the same thing, the 
dwell is just more accurate, and VW makes it clear that the dwell is 
not critical: 45-55 is fine.

> Except for one thing. When I stop at intersections I have to tap the gas
> pedal to get the idle to settle down all the way. Any suggestions?

Check to make sure that your throttle cable and pedal are free. Watch 
for carpet causing the pedal to stay down a bit. You can check this 
by seeing if the idle goes down when you hook your foot UNDER the 
pedal and lift it up a tad. If that allows the idle to drop, then it 
was the pedal not releasing completely.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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