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RE: [T3] Just wondering

If the installation is done incompletely there can be problems.  The single
most dangerous problem is opening the door while the vehicle is in motion,
generally speeds in excess of 30mph.

Should the door be opened while traveling the door could get ripped open and
subsequently ripped from its hinges.  However, a simple electrical switch
can be used to lock the door closed while the transmission is in gear or
some other safety feature can be installed that locks the door.

Your chances of getting thrown out of the car do not increase in an
accident.  However, if you are stupid enough NOT to be wearing a seat belt
then you deserve to be thrown out and suffer greater injuries, no matter
which way your door swings.  It should be noted that the chances of the door
flinging open in an accident are extremely small.  Your chances of being
thrown out the windshield or side window are much, much greater and the door
being smashed closed are even greater.

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> What makes suicide doors so dangerous?

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