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Re: [T3] steering ball joint

The Beetle may not give you the right one for the inner end of the short
track (tie) rod.  That's a Type 3 only, and is different for >67 and 67>.
The inner ones don't usually wear out so quickly, so you may be lucky.

The three types of tool that are normally used are:-  (1)  a pickle fork,
which is a two-prong wedge that you hammer between the arm and rubber seal
(it damages the seal, so is OK for removing a bad joint),  (2)  a hinged
double wedge that is forced apart by a screw, and (3) a G-shaped device
like a g-clamp that jams between rubber and arm, and the screw pushes the
taper out of the eye.

I've not tried a puller, but I can't see why it won't work.  Can't hurt to

It's easy with the tool, and they are not expensive.
UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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From: Carl Van Tonder <vtondc@RANDREF.CO.ZA>
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Date: 17 March 1999 05:46
Subject: RE: [T3] steering ball joint

>Thanx Jim
>The boot is still fine and I think ILL replace all 4 of them, seeing
>that I need to do some work anyway. Thanx for the offer on looking for a
>old one but I was able to source a set off a beetle with rear-end

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