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[T3] Sorta new '64 Notches

When reading about these essentially 'new' notches,
it was exciting to think of getting a brand new
notchback.  The reality of not having an income
at the moment quickly dashed any hopes.

Further reflection revealed that these are not new
cars, but cars trhat have been sitting for over
30 years.  The tires are hard as rocks, probably
crack easily and should be replaced as tires need
to be flexed to remain supple.  The oil the
crankcase has gotten acidic and may be quite close 
to eating through the case.  The brake shoes have 
been in contact with the drums probably rusty in 
there.  The brake fluid has absorbed moisture and 
become worthless.  The fuel and brake lines hard and
brittle.  Brake master and slave cylinders probably
pitted from contaminated brake fluid.

No matter what, a bunch of things need to be taken
apart and inspected as a minimum before I would 
trust a car such as these with my life on the road.
i need to do this inspection to mine, & it's only bee 8 years of non-use.

Still, it would be very cool to own one, and if
I had an extra huge chunk of change, I would be
very tempted.

Jeff '67 Sqbk awaiting ressurrection

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