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Re: [T3] Just wondering

Keith observes:

>Ya know there is a reason suicide doors are called that...

I have suicide doors on the '59 - '61 Fiats that I am restoring.  The fact that the Italian government outlawed suicide doors circa 1964 probably is supposed to tell me something... and if I am unlucky at some point, I may find out exactly what it was they were trying to tell me.

Suicide doors are cerainly a unique attraction and fun to have, but... inherently more dangerous that front-hinged jobbies.  That notwithstanding, these doors represent to me the golden age of motoring...flair, style, devil-may-care ostentaciousness...before governments decided to keep us safe from ourselves.

We all constantly weigh potential dangers against intangible pleasures, or we wouldn't be driving light-weight rear-engined small vehicles such as VWs.

An army tank would be the ideal as far as safty is concerned.  Okay, so you wouldn't be the first away from a traffic light, but on the other hand you wouln't necessarily have to stop for the next one...just run over the VWs there!

Quite a few individuals have converted their T3 doors to the suicide mode over the years, so you should be able to find info on how-to.

So, once more we
iled to resolve the eternal debate... Dark Side vs. Conventional Wisdom.  I say, go for the suicide doors, but drive only backwards!


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