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[T3] fast idle

Had a warm spell saturday and managed to get outside for a quick tune up.
Car had been running too rich and starting and idleing hard. I'll be damned
if the contact points weren't set properly in the bottom of the distrib
plate. Little pin not in little hole (I could have sworn I had it in there
last I checked.) 

Well, anyway set dwell again, and this time REALLY REALLY focussed on
getting the spark gap dead on .024 so that .025 would not make the clearance
but .024 would.

Reset the carbs, rechecked the dwell, set the timing to 3-4 btdc (34 degs
advance at 3200 rpm) 

And MY GOD this car has never run better! Unbelievable. Astounding.
Everything is different. It starts right up. It warms right up (and it got
cold again at night in fact it snowed) It shifts smoother than ever. The
pickup is responsive but reliably slow compared to the cabs cutting me off
at the gate. I dont know what happened but this car is running gorgeously. 

Except for one thing. When I stop at intersections I have to tap the gas
pedal to get the idle to settle down all the way. Any suggestions?

A very happy Mike 
Its been a long time since I felt this good in this car.
72 sqbk.

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