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RE: [T3] steering ball joint

Thanx Jim
The boot is still fine and I think ILL replace all 4 of them, seeing
that I need to do some work anyway. Thanx for the offer on looking for a
old one but I was able to source a set off a beetle with rear-end

You say ILL be able to remove them with a standard gear puller? (after
carefully removing the rubber boot first)


Carl van Tonder
66 fast

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> Subject:	Re: [T3] steering ball joint
> On 16 Mar 99, at 8:19, Carl Van Tonder wrote:
> > My outer steering ball joint on the
> > right hand side of the car has some freeplay of about 1.5 mm to
> either
> > side. I tried to remove the joint by doing the following: remove the
> > split pin - remove nut - tap threaded bar to remove  the ball joint
> from
> > the thingie, it does not move, tap a bit harder, still nothing -
> replace
> > nut and split pin - go drink a beer and watch grand-prix.
> These are called tie rod ends. There is a special puller for this 
> job, or you can use a generic puller. They must be replaced; they 
> can't be repaired. Of the 4 on your car, I think there are 3 
> different ones. I probably have a good used one. Is your rubber boot 
> still okay?
> Jim
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