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Re: Fasty & Furious!

well, maybe just a tad annoyed! :)

Can anyone give me any advice on what I should do next?

I've recently bought a non running 73 FI Auto Fastback.  She was left
standing for three years with an AA sticker stating not to start it as there
was a "suspected injector stuck open".  Whatever that means!

I've changed points,plugs,ht leads, dizzy cap and rotor arm.  Checked spark
to coil,points and plugs.  Some components have been swapped with my 71 FI
Fasty to check that they work-and they do.

Changed the 3 (!) inline fuel filters (should only be the one right?),
checked there's fuel to the engine.  Pressure to engine *seems* OK and you
can feel the fuel lines fill up when the cars turned over.  Haven't taken
off injectors yet.

My gripe is that after changing only SOME of these parts last week, she
fired up and ran for a couple of hours then problems started.

Car stalled and I couldn't start her.  Took Fuel Pump fuse out and tried and
after a couple of goes she ran albeit for a little while.  Put fuse back in
and the same thing happened!

Now she won't even fire yet nothing different has been done in the interim
so I'm a little stumped.

Anyone had this same problem or better yet, got a cure for it?

71 FI Fastback-"Moby"
73 FI Auto Fastback-"Red"

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