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Re: [T3] Still quite new to this

On 15 Mar 99, at 11:08, Charles Moseley wrote:

> After messing with my 1969 1500 single carb stock notchback over the last
> week, I have a couple more questions for the list; Does checking valve
> clearances on a type 3 require the engine out or is there a simpler method?
> and could anybody give an estimate of the time it takes to remove the
> engine and all accesories in order to get at the valves?

Valve adjustment is done in with the engine in the car. It should 
take about 1/2 hour to do and must be done with the engine cold. If 
you are asking this question you must not have a manual. Get one.

> Also, those of you with shiny smooth cars, almost every panel on my
> notchback is pitted/dented/lumpy. Could you please outline your methods for
> making a smooth panel from a thirty year old panel showing signs of abuse?
> What bodywork is involved? Should a novice tackle this? My car is rust-frei
> but old.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for some careful bodywork. Bodywork, 
however, is an art. You may be able to learn it, but it takes years 
to get really good. You might want to practice on something else or 
take an evening course at your local vocational/tech school. Two 
semesters of this can get you started.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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