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Re: stock carbs

Hans wrote:

"right now on my 70' square i have a webber progressive and i really
dont like it."

Let me guess, it is a real dog in the cold, hmm?  One great thing about
this carb is that it works with so many vehicles.  However, if you only
want it to work well on one (one's own) car, this advantage isn't quite
so imporntant!

"i am planning on getting some solex with dual port manifolds.  what
kind of price should i expect to pay for the setup?"

This is the kind of item that, given enough time, you might turn up
used, in need of a rebuild, for free.  However, if you want something
new, or already rebuilt, and are a "motivated" buyer, you will likely
have to spend a bit--perhaps quite a bit--more.

"and is 50$ expensive for a stock oil bath air cleaner?"

Yes.  Lots of acvw and type3 people have extras sitting around, r.  I certainly do.

"also how well does a 009 work with these carbs?  i will have to use one
untill i can find a good vac advance."

Well, if you "have to" use one, then you'll find out.  It may work ok,
or poorly, or great, though I wouldn't bet on the latter.  Like the
Weber progressive, one great thing about this distributor is that it
works on so many different applications; but ....  Do you have an 009
already?  They vary in their advance curves -- especially the non-German
ones -- I've heard.  If you have some other distributors around, it's
worth trying everything you've got, to see what works.  As a
work-around, I've used a dual (cent./vac) advance unit with the vac
disconnected, timed to total advance, which leaves it fairly advanced at
idle, to help with the hesitation coming off idle.

"also any used engine covers out there for a fair price?"

"Fair"?  Hmm.  That's a tricky ideal, in practice.  If you mean the
hatch from the cargo floor, I'd say this should be a cheap item.  Like
the air cleaner, this is a low wear item; and everybody who has ever
scrapped a type 3 should have one of these kicking around.  However, you
should expect to pay them for having recognized its value and stored it
for you (despite the fact that their significant other wanted them to
throw it and the rest of that junk out), and for mailing it to you, and
maybe a little extra if they are poor and you are not.

Eric Forsman '73 Square
Baltimore, MD

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