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Re: [T3] AT valve

On 14 Mar 99, at 0:15, Sonny8oy@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 3/13/99 6:47:10 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> jadney@vwtype3.org writes:
> > It is grossly different. You need the -391.A
> i knew the part #s would be different, but how different can they be? they
> both perform the same task, and are oT< similar. what are their internal
> differences? are you saying this (probably working) type 4 one wouldn't be
> better than the busted one that's there?

The early one is about 1/3 the thickness of the late one. They have 
different springs in them so their position as a function of vacuum 
is completely different.

Just an aside. I suspect that even thought the VM is leaking, it is 
not responsible for the problems you are having (which I can't 
remember any more.) A VM that is leaking, will usually still function 
correctly unless you notice that you need to top off the ATF every 
couple of weeks.

If you replace your VM with an incorrect, or incorrectly adjusted 
one, then you MAY fix a leak, but you will likely introduce another 
set of problems which will overlay your original problems. This makes 
your trouble shooting more difficult. This is more of a problem than 
most people realize.

I had a 73 FI type 3 once that I had taken care of for many years. 
The very responsible owner got married, however, and her husband 
decided that he could do all future work. Three years later, when the 
car hadn't run at all for the last 6 months, she called me. I managed 
to make it barely drivable in about an hour, but in order to sort out 
all the problems I had to keep the car for 2 weeks and drive it to 
work every day. In that time I actually found 7 different reasons why 
it was missing, none of which were expensive to fix. Only one of 
those was subtle, but all of them were made hard to find because they 
were buried under the husbands "repair" attempts.

The owner was a very nice, intelligent woman and a valued customer. 
Her husband was worthless. Fortunately they are now divorced; 
unfortunatley this didn't happen until after they had 2 kids.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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    I just got back from a dude i met with a yard full of VWs
    I managed to score a pretty solid 68 square . It needs outer rockers but
otherwise All I need to do is tranfer the motor from the 69
    Now to concentrate on the 69 fasty he has
    -70 transporter
    -71 westy (parting out)
    -68 squareback
    -69 square(swisscheese) back
    -72 westy ( for sale)

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