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[T3] Generator

Hello all,

some generator questions:

The problem:  Gen light on... but disappears with one high rev. usually.

What I've done:  well, I cleaned the commutator bars using the sandpaper
method ala muir  and checked all of the connections and wire integrity
and regulator (new one in two moths ago).

An observation:

Green sparkys all over from the bottom brush but not the top.

Should there be sparks from both the top and the bottom or is this

What I found:

If I reach in with my left hand under the generator and touch the brush
underneath it gets significantly more green sparkys ... like by a factor
of ten.  Then my warning light goes out wiving.


As I have not torn apart a generator on a car before (only Harleys) is
the brush on top just like the brush on the bottom?  and if so should
green sparkys be on the top as well as on the bottom?
I guess I'm headed for a generator over haul, and I have two spares in
other engines.  How easy is it for me to rebuild or recondition one of
these puppies?  Or how much does it usually cost to drop one of at a
shop and have then recondition it... is 40$ reasonable?


Charlie M.

71 MT square FI darker everyday
71 AT parts square
spare FI engine soon to be carbed and a 1.8...

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