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[T3] Jasper the Jenius (weak 1 and 3 cylinder)


Remember the thread about having a weak #'s 1 and 3 cylinder a bit back?  Running dual Weber ICT's I noticed that those cylinders were weak, pulling the wires on those 2 hardly registered a drop in rpm, yet compression, spark plugs, etc were all good.  The motor is 1600dp with a counterweighted crank and automatic trans.

Some suggestions were thrown out, and Jasper said it was due to not having a balance tube.  He tossed me some suggestions on fabricating one and I did it.

What a difference!!  Engine smoother at all speeds.  More power.  Head temp readings on #3 dropped 50 degrees, I suppose due to more efficient combustion producing less waste heat.  More warm air from the heat vents too!  

I laid rubber in two gears and totally embarrassed a 5.0.  Well, no I didn't :-) but one trip around the block and down the highway and I feel like Don Garlits hisself, compared to how it was.  

Total cost for me was 5 bucks using parts from the local hardware store.  More if you have to buy a tap to cut threads in the manifold where the hose outlet mounts.  It did involve some cutting, drilling, tapping and some time working with the Dremel to make it all smooth. 

Kudos Jasper, you get my Tech of the Year award.

Curt, St Louis
70 Square 
66 Bus
71 Westy (for sale!)

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