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Re: [T3] fastback trunk light / purist

I have mine but it doesn't work.  There is no switch just a black button on
the right side arm of the trunk door.  I assume it is depressed when the
door is shut (off) and up when open.  Maybe my bulb is out.  I'll have to
check.  The light inside is just next to the drivers side window and
rockers  back and forth for off, on and on when the door opens.  The light
inside the trunk is the same shape and size as the one inside the car. 
Hope this helps.

I also wrestled with the radio issue and held out for about 4 months but I
couldn't take all the contemplation any more.  Never mind all of the
singing to myself.  The PO had installed speakers in the back and my car
already had an antena.  I mounted my radio under the dash with a bolt on
mount.  I guess this puts me in the lightside catagory.  But I have to say
that I truley love our cars in their original form.  It's why I fell in
love with them the first time I saw one.  

I am going to give her a tune up this Sunday.  She is running a bit rich
and needs oil everyother tank full.  I'm a little rusty working on vw's. 
It's been four years since I had my 68 bus.  Wish me luck!  I have Haynes,
Muir, and Bentely to help me along.
Patti - Seattle - (Bainbridge Island)
73 fastback - Mary

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