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Re: [T3] OK, Govt'pwWLY getting on my nerves...

Geez, Texas sounds like it's trying it's best to become another
California, from an emissions standpoint. It was only reciently
that we had to put up with this kind of crap here. At least they
have relaxed the smogging of older cars somewhat, but those that
are still being tested are being examined 'harder' with Smog Test II.
More are failing I hear.

Good luck with your fight, gents. I have kept a copy of your letter
in case we need it here. CA Air Resources Board is also trying to
impose this scrappage law here. They just somehow put it in place 
on their own, and now SEMA here is trying to tie it up. They completly
disregarded current laws and said basically, 'well, we're going to do
it this way regardless of the law or what studies have shown'.

I dunno. Sooner or later they're going to find a way to either scrap
our cars or make them so costly to operate we'll have to give them up.
But 'till that time - I'll oppose them any way I can.

I think I'll take my Fasty for a ride now.

Tom Cloud

Big Al wrote:
> The following document was destributed by SEMA
> http://www.sema.org/ Specialty Equipment Market Association
> If you got my last letters, There are TWO bills they are considering.
> The two numbers are in this letter below.
> PLEASE write your representatives!
> Big Al
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Texas Introduces Bill to Implement Vehicle Scrappage Program and
> Emissions Test Old Cars
> A bill (H.B. 1550) has been introduced in the T{hislature that
> would implement a vehicle scrappage program and extend the state's
> emissions inspection to include vehicles up to ' 25 model years old.
> We are extremely concerned that this scrappage program will deny
> hobbyists the availability of vintage cars and parts for restoration
> projects and needlessly force 1960s-era vehicles to undergo emissions
> tests.
> We Urge You to Contact Your State Legislators to Oppose This Bill
> 7 H.B. 1550 allows "smokestack" industries to avoid reducing their own
> emissions by buying and destroying older cars. By avoiding cleanup,
> these industries expose nearby neighborhoods to higher levels of
> dangerous pollutants.
> 7 H.B. 1550 increases the pool of vehicles eligible for scrappage by
> moving the emissions inspection exemption from 25 to 35 model years.
> 7 H.B. 1150 ignores the fact that scrapping vehicles is not a
> cost-effective method to reduce emissions. In addition, these programs
> are difficult to police and subject to fraud.
> 7 H.B. 1150 ignores the fact that older cars are infrequently used,
> generally well-maintained and not a good source of emissions
> reductions.
> 7 H.B. 1150 ignores the fact that lower income car owners cannot
> afford to purchase a new vehicle with the money provided by scrappage
> programs.
> Contact your state legislators and oppose this legislation. This bill
> tramples on the rights of
> vehicle enthusiasts and collectors in Texas. If you need assistance in
> determining who your legislators are, please contact the Texas
> Legislature Information Lines at 512-463-1252 for the Senate and
> 512-463-0845 for the House of Representatives. This information can
> also be obtained by calling the SE@ Washington, D.C. office at
> 202/783-6007 or via the Internet at
> www.sema.org/fedleg@legislatorrequest.
> Please fax a copy of your letters to us at 202/783-6024 or mail to:
> SEMA Washington Office
> 1317 F Street, NW, Suite 500
> Washington, DC 20004
> Attention: Steve McDonald/Brian Caudill
Жarters: P.O. Box 4910, Diamond Bar, Calif. 91765-0910
> Telephone: 909/396-0289 - Fax, general office: 909/860-0184 - Fax,
> publications: 909/860-1709
> SEMA 1317 F Street NW, suite. 500, Washington, D.C. 20004
> Telephone: 202/783-6007 . Fax 202/783-6024

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