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Re: [T3] LPG

Well, I looked into it once, there's some books around on the general
aspects of the conversion.  I thought that maybe the stock FI could be
retained and just switch power off and on to it when going from LP to
gasoline.  I still think that would be feasible, the carb replacements
that were in the one book looked just about like the air intake
distributor.  One problem is that LP is very bulky, the trunk would
pretty much be taken up with the tank or tanks.  Also you'd have to
route a heavy armored line outside the passenger compartment on the
bottom of the pan, I didn't care for that idea.  Gas price here is
very low right now and propane isn't, about 25-50% more.  You could
increase the C.R.and up mileage that way, but am not sure what that
would do in terms of heat build-up and removal on the aircooled
engine.  The conversion books just covered standard water-cooled
engines, so this would be sort of new territory.  Some farmers do it
with their vehicles, but then they've usually got propane pigs out in
the back for heating and don't have to pay the road-use tax that way.
You're probably looking at $800-1000 US at least, if you get new
equipment and have someone do the job  for you, that's on watercooled
stuff. I've seen option lists for new trucks, that's about what they
want for LP power.

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:39:03 -0000, you wrote:

>Has anyone on the list considered converting their car to run on Liquid
>Petroleum Gas?
>It is becoming more popular over here in the UK and Europe as a way to
>reduce emissions, which can be reduced by around 75% apparently.
>If so does anyone know how much it costs to do this conversion? and if the
>fuel costs any less per distance travelled?
>Damian Clement
>72 Fasty

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