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Re: [T3] T3 on I10

This reminds me of the first weekend I ever had my type 3 on the road....  I got
it on the road on a thursday ( the first time in over 8 years that it was driven
anywhere.....), the next day I was off the the Great Canadian Bug Show......
over 200 miles away...... so a couple of friends and I caravan to Toronto for
the show, get there without any major incidents, set up for the weekend at a
campsite, so here we are in one of Canada's largest city, first weekend with my
Square on the road, what to do ?  Lets head into the big city :-)  We were
cruising around, saw only a couple of other air cooled cars, head onto Young
Street ( the longest Street in North America ( maybe the world ?)) anyway.....
we are driving down Young Street, nest thing you know a car full of Punks ( you
know orange, green hair, chains.. etc......) comes screaming up beside me, one
of them practically hanging out the passenger window, he is yelling "Awesome
car, what year is it ? I used to have a 70 Squareback..... Cool !!!!!!!"  it was
quite a funny incident.........  that along with getting free window cleanings
fromQ'leegee Kids, just because they like the car..... but that is another
story :-)

BTW...   the car made the whole trip without any problems...   however my
friends 74 Type 2 lost his steering ( we fixed that with hose clamps, duct tape,
steel banding, and pieces of snow fence....)

Todd Daley
71 Squareback
71 Fastback
72 Westfalia
84 Rabbit

James MacNaughton wrote:

> So, I'm toodling along, headed for work; and I see up ahead of me, a navy,
> late square.   So I start hoofin', and shiftin', and zipping in and out of
> the traffic, and finally catch up to my little blue target.  There's this
> early 20's crusty at the wheel, with lots of pointy bits of metal poked
> through his face.  He's wearing a ski-cap (this is Phoenix, people, it was
> 60 at AM drive today); and almost surprisingly, the car's all-stock.  Looks
> like a beater (sadly, like DR).  I try to signal the guy, but he just looks
> at me and sneers, and keeps on driving.

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