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FW: [T3] Hot Rod Type 3

Well Rob, all the names I'd use are Gaelic, but here's my favs:

Siobhan, pronounced 'sho-vahn.'  It's often interpreted as Suzan.
Morwen, pronounced, 'morren.'  It was Mel's wife in 'Braveheart.'

I also like Igrainne (pronounced 'grron-ya'), it means Grace, and Morag
(actually kinda close to 'morrk,' but with a little more rolling on the
'r'), which is Sara.  Bronuin or Branwyn is nice too, but it means 'fair
breasted,' and that might be a little much in modern USA.

Even more favoured than Siobhan though, is Una.  Don't know why, but I've
always *loved* that name.  It's something awful in English like 'Elbertha'
or something.  

But that's what you get for asking a Scottish bagpiper for names!


Seamas Og Nechtan
Agus Deathrich

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	Ohh!Ohh!  I hot topic! A Thread!  Man, did I ever miss this!

	Honestly, I think the only thing we get rowdy about is the FI/carb
	thing.  And long as you nice carbies keep sharing your CPUs and Fuel
	pumps with us, There's more than enough peace, love, and thin mints
	go around.

	Well, maybe about the lowering thing gets us rankled too, but just
	principal.  Just a little.

	-rj 'All outta do-se-dos' 

	P.S.  Anyone got any good names for a girl?  Something old
	Eccentric?  My wife and I are popping one out in July :)

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	>2) the
	>purists/stockers are gonna tell you not to do it.  

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