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RE: [T3] Purist vs. Darkside

	been adulterated). What advantages would it have?  I am mostly
	with performance and reliability...

	>>>As a relatively recent (only one year in 3's) acolyte, I speak
with some authority to your cause.  My heart almost broke when I lifted the
engine cover to this *gorgeous* little Square and saw the snake-basket!  I
mean really!  Who the *hell* would put some infernal crap like that under
the hood of an otherwise so-sensible car?

	But the careful ministrations of people like Jim A, Toby, Brian and
many, many others, they've walked me through the pitfalls of early FI
ownership.  I can't say that I'd never do carbs, but I'm certainly no longer
afraid of FI.

	FI's strengths are lower emissions (more of a concern in CA and the
eastern states, in AZ if the car still basically moves, you're made),
greater fuel economy (as I said before, I get a solid 24 around town, and up
to 32 on the road), and prZid reliability (they're 30 years old, and
mines'  not been well-maintained).  If power's your concern, FI pretty much
(at least as far as the original setup) has to stay stock.  There's little
or no room for muscle under the original setup.

	The other, more experienced of the flock can be more specific, but
I'd say, keep it stock.

	71 FI Square, Deathrich

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