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RE: [T3] Stocte!

	it was the right thing to do.

	>>>Good lad.

	I'm also in the predicament concerning a radio. The car did not come
	one and doesn't even have a space for one. It would be nice to 

	>>>Perhaps I'm just igerrent of the early 3's; but doesn't the radio
just bolt to the bottom of the dash on all of them?  Cutting a hole for an
antenna might cause angst, but I'd think that was the major change, not
actually tucking a radio under your ash tray.  - I could be wrong, as I've
not seen many earlies on the inside...

	The other problem is that it is the original 6v system. I would
never even
	consider converting it.

	If you can consider a little box strapped to the bottom of your
glove box, you can get a power converter.  Won't support a real thumper of a
stereo, but you'll be able to get FM pretty cleanly.

	Keep on Ruckin'
	> From: Big Al <awpresley@hbu.edu>
	> To: type3@vwtype3.org
	> Subject: [T3] Stockers Unite!
	> Date: Wednesday, March 10, 1999 3:47 PM
	> OK, on the purist/stocker vs radical-rightwing-liberal-communist
	> getting caried away...) /Custom issue:
	> DDSG has their division of vwtype3...
	> So anybody have interest in an
	> Anal-Retentive / Radically Stock division?  (AR/RS ?)
	> Then there could be a daily-driver group.
	> Maybe we should call them the "Middle-Of-The-Road" Group?
	> (MOT'R ?) (how about "MOTheR" ?)
	> :|
	> Any comments?
	> Big Al
	> ////////////////////////////////////////
	> For your VW Type 3 cravings:
	> http://www.autographica.com/vw
	> Type Three Parts Book Online
	> Type Three Cabriolet Prototype Project
	>aroject: 1962 Notchback Restoration
	> List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list or

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