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Re: [T3] Seat Covers

Hi All:

  Last summer/fall I redid the front seats in my 70' Square (some of you  
  may remember this).   I used the TMI seat covers.  I thought the quality
  of the material was very high, however I found the fit to be less than

  The problem areas?

  The sides of the head restraints are too wide, the width across the front
  is great, but from front to back on the sides, the material just buckles
  and has folds in it.  Heating it in the Texas sun didn't make it fit any
  better.  Another erroneous fit was the length of the seat back part.  It
  just BARELY made to to the bottom crossbar on the seatback, rather than
  being long enough to connect to the crossrod and clips that were used 
  originally.  The sides of the seat back covers are also about 1 inch too
  short as well.  I am using the original horsehair and original foam for 
  the headrests, which was in primo condition.  

  The end result?  Despite a few fitting problems that I usually notice and
  others who aren't into Type 3's miss; I find the appearance most    
satisfactory.  I use my Square to cart around Dalmatians, and even with
  their claws, I feel these seat covers will last a long, long time.  I just
  wish TMI had a better fit.  Ok for me, but most certainly not show quality!

  Allen Moore
  70' Square

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