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[T3] The Purists...

> 2) the purists/stockers are gonna tell you not to do it.  

While I love Toby E and greatly respect his opinion.... I feel the
above statement had some negative connotations.. I know that Toby
meant this witū#ģle bit of humor (I believe) so this is in no way
directed toward him (ok buddy?) but this just came from my heart...
and I wanted to share it with you all... and I'm obligated to stand up
for the "purists" here... though these are solely *my* opinions... and
I don't mean to speak for everyone....

We (the purists) love all things pure... in it's original form..
untainted, if you will. After all... it was the originals that made us
first fall in love... and they're just plain classy...

 We would all like to have an original car with 0 miles on it... that
was kept in a plastic tube for these 30 or so years.  Now... there are
more extreme purists out there... that want only to replace parts with
NOS (New Old Stock) ... but the more moderate purists will let you
slip by with an aftermarket reproduction, as long as it looks stock..

The Volkswagen is a work of art.  There are no other automobiles like
them.  And their numbers are dwindling.  So yes, some of us purists
become saddened when we see or hear of our cars being cut up, chopped
down, shaved off, slammed, and pushed over their intended limits from
the rear.  It just plain hurts.  Like the death of a family member. 
Most of these cars will and can never be returned to their original
form again.  In some respects, they have ceased to be Volkswagen.  

I am somwhere in the middle... nothing beats stock in my opinion.  I
just love that classy look.  But I do understand the call of custom. 
I too, wouldn't mind a few more ponies at times... but 64 seems to do
me well (at least for speeding tickets)   Alot of the times though,
custom is the just easiest and cheapest way to go, and lets face it,
most get into Volkswagens because they are affordable for the common

Now most purists won't harrass you if you want to modify the cars a
little.. though we may disagree with you.  We may try to sway you out
of it... like try and get you to buy a camaro or a mustang instead to
chop up... but I don't think we'll tell you "Not to do it," unless it
would comprom‘Õze safety.  

We're all enthusiasts here.  We're all friends here.  And we love to
see others just as crazy about our little German cars as us.  And the
differences between the stockers and the not-so-stockers makes this a
very interesting and fun list.  One I'm very glad that I'm a part of. 
And I love all the conversation about these type III's... be it stock
or custom.  And would gladly hang out with the likes of any of you and
your rides.. (yes, even the notchster).  

My humblist apologies for the ramblings....

Robert "Hey, maybe my car does have a touch of grey, after all, those
scratches in the 30 year old original blue paint isn't stock!" Braun
1969 Fastback "Blue Lightning"
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