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RE: [T3] Hot Rod Type 3

>Don't try to get input from the list
>about what you should do because 1) it's your car, not ours and; 2) the
>purists/stockers are gonna tell you not to do it.


OK, buddy, what do you mean by that?!?!??!!!!!
Is that a PUT DOWN???

HEY, YOU WANNA PIECE O' ME??????!!!!!!!!


(just kidding)

VolksTron, You do what you wanna do (like we could stop you...).
BUT... please make sure that whatever you customize, offer the 'good' parts
you don't want to us poor stockers before you toss them to the metal
recycling plant.

And, keep in mind, there are some cars in such original condition, that a
stocker would pay you more than you paid for it, to get an original.

Costs for a stock or custom project range about the same (depending on the
anal-retentive factor), but a stock project is more difficult to complete
than a custom.  (ie. for a custom car, you can MAKE a part and hand-made
touches are even better than a purchased after-market custom part.&7ißrojects need original parts.  If you Make a part, it's not original.)

So, (stepping of the Soap Box) just put some thought into your project
before you step off that cliff.  Design what you want your project to end
up being, make sketches, photograph features from other cars you want to
incorporate, copy cars from car mags, decide what it will look like

then do it...  and don't change your mind and don't look back.

Big Al


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