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Re: [T3] newbie

WesleyC=> Are parts real hard to find or expensive? 

To add a bit to what Toby said, the answer to this depends on your point 
of reference. Most VW people only work on VWs, and compared to those for 
Beetles (far and away the most common automotive model in the world), 
parts for T3s seem rare and expensive. Compared to other cars of similar 
vintage and production number, however, I think you'll find T3s are 
generally a little easier to work on and supply. 

I think this is in part because of the high quality of their 
construction and in part because of the sorts of people who bought them 
originally -- older, relatively conservative, middle-income family types 
who tended to take better care of their cars, keep them longer and use 
them as second vehicles.

A few parts are very hard to find in good condition, it's true, but 
nothing vital, and in seeking help with service you'll have to watch out 
for Volkswagen mechanics who only know T1s. It's very important to 
understand the mechanical systems and be able to supply your mechanic 
with information on the differences, or they *will* do it wrong. I 
believe this knowledge gap is the only source of the T3's reputation for 
temperamental performance among VW enthusiasts. You'll hear old Bug and 
Bus people say with complete conviction that the T3 engine design was 
born to overheat, for instance, and the Squareback was featured in a 
book from some years ago called 'Lemons.' Be assured that this is 
nothing more than ignorance talking, but also be warned that there's a 
lot of ignorance about our cars and you'll have to be prepared for it. 

Welcome to the li€¿_ven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 T3 Ghia

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