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RE:Problem Downshifting...

Hi all!
On my -73 it's not always easy to downshift from 3rd to 2nd, and 2nd to 1st,
whitout getting ugly grinding noises form the gearbox. 
My tranny has less than 120 000 km on it, so it should'nt be that worn out,
I think. Oil is newly changed and looks fine. No leaks.
Practicing traditional double-clutch-downshifting works fine, BUT it also
often helps just tapping the gas pedal - revving the engine a bit, just when
the gearstick is in neutral position. 8 times of 10 then getting into 2nd
gear is done smootly. Howcome?
My theory is this: probably my clutch friction plate is "sticking" to either
the flywheel or the pressure pEánn when the clutch pedal is depressed,
so the driveshaft into the gearbox is still following the rpm of the engine.
The syncronisation in the gearbox then gets a heavy job getting the gears in
equal rotation before they can "grip" (which is the point with "true"
In this case tapping the gas pedal, revving the engine, gives the same
effect as a true double-cluth maneuver: equalising the rpm's on driveshaft
and 2nd gear (which is rotating quite fast if you are coming at speed from
3rd gear...). I guess revving the engine with clutch down also helps loosen
the sticking friction plate, and therefore helps making downshifting

I know Volvo models during the -70:ies had just that problem, especially
with clutches made by Borg & Beck.

Karl-Olov Sandin
-73 Squareback E 
Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

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