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[T3] T-3's in the Wild, Wild, West...

So I say to the list, 'I've never seen an early Fasty before,' and now
they're jumping out of the woodwork at me.  I'm on Mill Ave in Tempe last
night, and this *really cute* co-ed is in this cute little 69-ish Beige
Fasty pulls up next to me at a light.  She wasn't paying attention, and then
she realises this big, hirsute fellow next to her was in a T-3 as well, she
smiles, waves and gives me 'thumbs up.'  Kinda cool.  It was bone stock, and
lovely (the car, too!).

Then this morning, there was this DSG late square farting through its'
stinger exhaust.  It was in pretty decent shape, but it just seems so few of
our cars remain stock (sorry guys, but I just *like* the practicality of our
little cars), sometimes I get annoyed when I see some bug-eyed, slammed,
nuclear green Square go bbbrrrrraaaaappping by.

Then, I'm in the parking garage at work, and I hear 'that familiar sound,'
and turn, and there's this pretty nice little '62 T1.  I think, 'How neat,'
and watch to see it drive by, only to find one of the Senior Vice Presidents
of my company at the wheel!  I was dumb-struck (dumber?)!

Sorry for the rantings.

James 'Chewie' MacNaughton
71 FI Square, Manual   aka:  the Millennium Deathrich.

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"Hinders, Jason E (FL51)" wrote:

> is the type 3 steering wheel the same as the type 1? or if they differ how?
> did the steering wheels for the type 3 vary over the years? etc etc. any
> info on steering wheels would be much appreciated.

Jason, at least the steering wheel of my '73 is identical to the beetles of the
same year, i would guess that more late models use the same wheels as the same
year bugs. The earlier cars may have had different wheels, but I can not tell
for sure.

'73 Square
'68 Bug
'88 Vanagon Syncro

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