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[T3] Seat Covers

Ok, i oł▓re are quite a few posts about this in the archive, but 
none seemed to answer my question, that i found anyways.  So here it 
goes, I am a teenager with not a lot of money, so i was wondering, when 
i look through the many adds for seat cover companies, and beetle seat 
cover sets are usually cheaper, and they make the snap on seat covers 
for the beetles too.  My question, is there an interchangeability 
between some year beetle and a '72 squareback for both front and rear 
seats.  I know it may be confusing, but i'd like to buy on of those easy 
to install snap on kits (because the whole idea about hogrings confuses 
me) for a beetle, and install it on my stock '72 squareback, what year 
beetle seat cover should i order if it's possible, and has anyone tried 
this, or had any experience with the snap on seat covers?

Or if anyone has a better idea of what i should do because nobody here 
in the city of kokomo Indiana knows what a squareback is (well, almost 
nobody) so i don't have anyone else to talk to that isn't biased(the 
parts comanies) besides you guys, so any input is greatly appreciated, 
and i really don't like the idea of hogrings, so please help me

thank you
jacob schroeder
'72 Squareback

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