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Re: [T3] SOS someone help before i nut up and bomb my vw

I've been dealing with this problem myself.  the guy from the autoparts
store  said it happened to him and a buddy when they lowered the front end.
the manifolds are so short and the idle jet/butterfly configuration are such
that the two front cylinders don't get any fuel, (just air?). i don't quite
understand it  the idle jet and the two progression holes seem to be right
in the middle of the side of the carb throat, but shure enough, my car can
be idling along just finýŔ┐ i lift the back of the car the idle drops
about 300 RPM and it starts running like hell.
 my square's not really lowered, it's just old and saggy, needs new ball
joints so my solution's going to be to rebuild the front end, and hope
leveling things out fixes it.
BTW: i was ranting and pulling my hair out all over this list about three
weeks ago, where were you guys?
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From: Curt Dilday <cdilday@mail.win.org>
To: 'Type 3 list' <type3@vwtype3.org>
Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 8:09 AM
Subject: RE: [T3] SOS someone help before i nut up and bomb my vw

Holy cow, I'm having the same problem on my dual carbed 1600 dual port
motor.  1 and 3 are weak, yet have good compression.  I've tried flat
sanding and notching the manifolds, and all the usual spark plug shenanigans
and I've also been suspecting an irregular cam. I'm stymied.  This is a
recently rebuilt motor, with a c/w crank.  I built it myself, and while I
make no claims at being an expert I did take pains to balance the rods and
check the deck heights correctly.  That doesn't mean I did it right, but I
think I did.
Rings not seating?  Oddly coincidental valve seating problems?  Enquiring
mind wants to know!!

Curt, St Louis
70 sb
66 HT deluxe
71 Westy (for sale!)

From: Jasper flatfour racing[SMTP:speedyvw@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 10:53 PM
To: JMac@uglyduckling.com; type3@vwtype3.org; ACVW@onelist.com;
Subject: [T3] SOS someone help before i nut up and bomb my vw

I used to think that I was a good technician until I started having this
problem with my square.  Two cylinders(1 and 3)hardly fire at all and
the other two fire normally.  Compresssion is even all the way
around(135psi).  Spark is present and blue at all clyinders.  I thought
the carbs might be letting more gas get to the rear cylinders, so i
reversed the carbs( stock 32s). no change .  iswapped the spark plugs
and wires and cap. No change.  I concluded the cam was messed up .
Swapped it too.  No chang4#Á.would the front twoo cylinders get no
power while the rear ones do?(The spark plugs don't even have any color
on them?)


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