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Re: [T3] Mechanical fuel pump questions

Jake Kooser wrote:

> Hey volks, I'm having some trouble with a mechanical fuel pump.  It's on a
> '73 engine, and the pump is not working when it is installed.  We can get it
> to pump by moving the pump manually, and the pushrod is moving correctly
> when the engine turns over.  The fuel pump pushrod is 103MM long, is this
> right?  Also, what about the spacer under the pump, is there any difference
> between type I and type III?  What about the pump itself, is there anything
> I should look for?  It's a new Brazilian pump (probably type I?), and works
> correctly when moved by hand, it just doesn't want to play when it's
> installed on the engine.  I can see a faint wear mark on the pump, like the
> pushrod is touching it, but maybe not enough.  Any ideas?
>=šp"gimme a nice electric fuel pump any day" Kooser

Jake, AFAIK the spacer is identical as the Type 1, and my Haynes manual suggests
that the pushrod should project 13mm (1/2") above the spacer (at top). To vary
this, the manual suggests putting more or less gaskets under the spacer, but I
guess I would rather grind the pushrod a bit instead.

'73 Square
'68 Bug
'88 Vanagon Syncro

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