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[T3] Jet-Hot coating

Jet-Hot coating is good stuff.  I have a new muffler and pipes for
Gretchen that will be coated before they go on.  I'm waiting to find
another good heater box.  I have one nice and one needimŠˇA of
patching on the shelf.  Anyway...

I'm a maintenance guy at a snack food >no advertising due to attitude
from recent events< plant.  We have Jet coated several of our gearboxes
that no paint would last on.  It withstands the salt, moisture, and
caustic washdowns very well.  It's a thin coating, almost like plating. 
I believe the process is sandblasting, spraying, and baking.  We sent
our cases to a place in Bridgeport PA (main distributor?) but I've heard
there's a closer (to me) place near Camp Hill.  I web searched and found
a couple other places.  I crashed and burned twice on two different
servers for Bridgeport.  I'm not trying again.  One was
www.goracing.com/jethot/index.html.  I looked for my info on Jet-Hot but
haven't found it yet.  They have an 800 number and will send info.  If
you know anyone who races, their headers might be coated with it.  I
think Jet-Hot guarantees two years of coating satifaction and lifetime
no rust through, at least for headers.

Rambling on: Dave Burden's letter on rear wheel clunking brings back
sweet memories of three drums I've stripped in my years of VW's.  That
was back in the time of a big pipe, sledge, buddies, cusses, and busted
breaker bars; before Mr. 3/4" impact.  Ahhh.... flywheel memories too...

Kevin - '71 dude
Gretchen - '69 Square

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