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RE: [T3] AC

On 5 Mar 99, at 10:29, James MacNaughton wrote:

> 	In the type 3 
> 	the intake air shroud had to be butchered allowing the intake of
> 	warm air for cooling. 
> 	>>>Now, I'm not 100% certain, as the vehicle I was looking at wasn't
> on the road, it was a 70 Square, FI/Auto with air.  The only cutting other
> than for the Freon lines was in the air intake shroud for the compressor
> fan.  There was a special keyed gear/pulley that went with as well.

Yes, that was what I meant.

> 	The dash unit was down already, but in retrospect, I would imagine
> that *any* under-dash service would be impossible.  The dash unit contained
> the condenser,Me wasn't any under-gas tank work (on the later model).

The dash unit contains the evaporator, but there must be a condensor 
somewhere outside the car to get rid of the heat that the evaporator 
pulls out of the interior. Some came in 2 parts in the fenders, but 
most came in one large piece that fit under the front axle.

> 	There was a neat little 68 Fasty there (dual carb auto), and that
> had *two* condensers, one in each front fender, with vent holes in the
> fenders, just under the headlight buckets.  There were screens over the vent
> holes, and the guy (a former VWOA instructor) said that the air was very,
> very popular in south TX, and VWOA, not dealer stuff.

VWoA IS dealer stuff. VWoA means stuff that VWoA went out and 
contracted to have someone other than VW make for them. It was 
engineered neither by VW nor by VWoA. In general it was just 
something that VWoA made available because their dealers told them 
that there was a market for it. Usually the engineering was poor, and 
the installation was worse, because the mechanics at the dealers were 
paid piecework and no one cared as long as the customer stayed happy 
until the warrantee (2 years, 24k miles) was out.

> 	It also required that the air cleaner be moved so 
> 	that it no longer received air from the intake louvers. 
> 	>>>Yes, it does, and there's a special tin for #'s 1 & 2 that came
> with the setup.

Interesting, none of the ones I have seen had anything special here.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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