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Re: [T3] Hatch lock cylinder

On 5 Mar 99, at 16:14, Stan Schaefer wrote:

> The T4 handles swapped right across, only the
> latch operators had to be swapped for T3 parts.  T4 handles have a
> longer "trigger" part, which I like better than the old T3 handle.

These are just late handles. Type 3s got these in 72 or 73.

> One thing to do while you've got the
> cylinders out is to change the o-ring seals, most have gotten hard or
> gone to powder, so it'll help keep your locks from freezing up if you
> just get some cheap o-rings from the hardware store and replace them
> all.  Lube well before reassembly.

I just buy the replacements seals from VW, as they are somewhat 
special. I never thought of an O-ring, what size? The little 1/16" 
ones? What did you use as a lubricant?

Next time I have to go inside one of these I plan to drill a hole out 
the low side of the cylinder cavity so it can drain. I suspect that a 
lot of freezing problems will go away once the water has somewhere to 
"escape" to.

Several years ago I saved my next door neighbor $400 for a new Honda 
wiper motor by taking it apart and pouring the water out of it. Then 
I drilled several judiciously placed holes in the assembly so that 
the water that got in would not be trapped.

>From the factory, that motor lasted 4 years before the dealer 
announced that it was shot and would have to be replaced. After I 
rebuilt it for $40 it is still going after 8 additional years.

The funny thing is that my neighbor would have just let the dealer 
install a new one except for the fact that there were n"Tavailable in the US at that time. All the Honda distributors were 
backordered! I wonder why? ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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