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Re: [T3] 6V -> 12V

This is a FAQ subject, and you'll find a lot of info in the archive at 

HenrikL=> 12V regulator from a Bug ... Will this work in a Type 3?

I suppose, but why bother? T3 regulators are easily available and fit 
much better under the seat.

=> anyone know if a later (67-73) type 3 wiper motor will fit.

The motor will fit, but you'll have to use the 6V armature assembly. The 
wires are coded differently, too, so check the late wiring diagram when 
you hook it up.

=> Will the tank sender and fuel gauge work with 12V?

Most folks say yes on both. The sender is definitely the same. I changed 
out my guage, not difficult. 

=> the clock?

The clock will not run on 12V. I'm using a small step-down for that.

Don't forget that the 12V generator is a good deal larger in diameter, 
and so won't fit the cradle in the 6V fan shroud. The Bug generators 
also have spindles on both ends, which could be inconvenient to your oil 
cooler and wiring. Again, T3 generators are not hard to get, by mail if 
nothing else. I've got one you can have for the shipping cost if you 
like. also have your auto electric shop rewind your 6V generator 
into a 12V, which is probably the most elegant and least-hassle solution. 

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 343

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