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Re: [T3] AC

I think you may be a little confused here.... A/C systems require 2 radiators,
one is the condenser, the other is the evaporator....... the A/C system works on
the principle of air pressure level differential, with regard to heat build
up/disapation.... the condenser ( on the outside- either in the front fenders,
or under the gas tank ( I think this is the more common area ... as I have never
seen the in fender one except in pictures.......) is what give up the heat of
the in-car air to the surrounding air....... the evaporator (under the dash) is
what cools ( actually it would be more accurate to say that it removes heat, but
I guess that would be another lesson :-) ......) the interior in-car air....  To
envision this all you have to do is feel an air compressor as it builds up
pressure, it really warms up, then if you let the air out ( lets say through a
air powered die grinder....... the die grinder will become so cold that it will
actually start to form ice on it..........)

Todd Daley
71 Squareback
71 Fastback
72 Westfalia

James MacNaughton wrote:

>         The dash unit was down already, but in retrospect, I would imagine
> that *any* under-dash service would be impossible.  The dash unit contained
> the condenser, so there wasn't any under-gas tank work (on the later model).
>         There was a neat little 68 Fasty there (dual carb auto), and that
> had *two* condensers, one in each front fender, with vent holes in the
> fenders, just under the headlight buckets.  There were screens over the vent
> holes, and the guy (a former VWOA instructor) said that the air was very,
> very popular in south TX, and VWOA, not dealer stuff.

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