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RE: [T3] AC

	In the type 3 
	the intake air shroud had to be butchered allowing the intake of
	air for cooling. 

	>>>Now, I'm not 100% certain, as the vehicle I was looking at wasn't
on the road, it was a 70 Square, FI/Auto with air.  The only cutting other
than for the Freon lines was in the air intake shroud for the compressor
fan.  There was a special keyed gear/pulley that went with as well.

	The dash unit was down already, but in retrospect, I would imagine
that *any* under-dash service would be impossible.  The dash unit contained
the condenser, so there wasn't any under-gas tank work (on the later model).

	There was a neat little 68 Fasty there (dual carb auto), and that
had *two* condenseÓ$-jin each front fender, with vent holes in the
fenders, just under the headlight buckets.  There were screens over the vent
holes, and the guy (a former VWOA instructor) said that the air was very,
very popular in south TX, and VWOA, not dealer stuff.

	It also required that the air cleaner be moved so 
	that it no longer received air from the intake louvers. 

	>>>Yes, it does, and there's a special tin for #'s 1 & 2 that came
with the setup.

	Then there 
	was the fresh air duct that had to be jury rigged.

	>>>Didn't see that.

	Top it all off with lots of holes cut in the body to allow for the 
	routing of Freon lines and the mounting of the condensor under the 
	gas tank, making the fuel pump and filter inaccessible.

	>>>Apparently not on the later models.

	Oh, yes. I forgot about the fact that you lose any chance of ever 
	getting under the dash to service anything again.

	>>>This appeared to be true.

	Did I forget anything? ;-) I hope I've made my biases clear.

	>>>I made quite a study of this, as I live in the desert southwest,
and A/C would be a grand perk.


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