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[T3] Hatch lock cylinder

I did this about 10 years back, when I first got the SB.  My ignition
switch had given up the ghost, so I bought a new one.  The old setup
had different keys for doors and ignition, which I loathe.  The new
ignition cylinder had a double-sided key, ala Ford, which I liked.
So, scrounging the local VW junk yard, I managed to come up with some
T4 door handles and hatch latch, all used the same type of
double-sided key.  I played mix and match with the cylinder wafers and
managed to get the handles so the ignition key worked in them.  I also
managed to get the cylinder out of the T4 hatch latch and get that
fixed up, too.  As I remember the T3 hatch button has a retaining ring
in it, I think you either have to have a long-nosed set of snap-ring
pliers or a couple of screwdrivers to get the thing unsnapped.
There's a fairly substantial spring involved, too.  It wasn't really
as tough as it looked, there's nothing crimped in there and it all
slides out the end that's inside the door, of course, the assembly has
to be pulled before doing it.  You might be right about the pin, it
might have to be tapped back to get the cylinder out.  I didn't take
notes at the time, so memory is kind of hazy, but it only took an
afternoon to do it.  The T4 handles swapped right across, only the
latch operators had to be swapped for T3 parts.  T4 handleO╬˙├
longer "trigger" part, which I like better than the old T3 handle.
Were in better shape, too.  One thing to do while you've got the
cylinders out is to change the o-ring seals, most have gotten hard or
gone to powder, so it'll help keep your locks from freezing up if you
just get some cheap o-rings from the hardware store and replace them
all.  Lube well before reassembly.

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999 10:11:24 -0500, you wrote:

>Since that lock is a replacement, it doesn't work the ign. and doors.  The
>lock part must come out somehow (drive out the pin?), but VW say you can't
>standardise it as you can the door locks.  I guess they mean that it isn't
>as easy to remove the rear barrel, as it is on the door locks, so it isn't
>a recognised procedure.  Has anyone dismantled the tailgate lock to get at
>the barrel?
>UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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