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[T3] Spiritual properties of a Squareback's rear hinge cover.

At 22:42 -0500 03/04/1999, Todd Daley wrote:

>I think there may have been the two colours possible ..... I have a one piece
>hinge cover also.....   it appears that it has never been repainted, it is

I concur: I have two of these hinge covers. One is off-white, the other is
black. Both textured, both original, both a bit rusty.

And the $62,000,000.00 question for today is ....... how do I wire the dome
light in the hinge cover so that it works when the trunk door opens?

I took a NOS Typ 1 dome light and then the entire dome light wiring
assembly (for lack of a better word) straight out of the roof of a Beetle$‚Μεcan't figure out where to connect it!  I have the wires all crammed
up under the headliner, wait for the day when I obtain enlightenment.

Any assistance would be monumentously appreciated!  Help.

Happy Friday to you all.


Patrick Joel Morton
Rauhankatu 28 as 27
FIN -- 20100  TURKU
Finland, E.U.

Home of the V-Wauhtipiste Volkswagens!

                 - "Kraft durch Freude" -

1963 Beetle (Helmut) - Deluxe Limousine
1967 Variant (Urs) - Squareback
1970 Beetle (Otto) - Sunroof Limousine

"We have everything but misery, because that
can't be bought with money."
   - Kai Lehto, October 1998

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