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Re: SV: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

At 15:46 +0100 03/04/1999, Sandin, Karl-Olov wrote:

>At my -73 i have some kind of gravel shield/insulation material under and in
>front of the heat exchangers, held by clamps.

Originally, all Typ 3 heat exchangers were covered with some type of
asbestos insulation that was worm clamped to the exchanger.  The exception
to this would have probably been the one M option for Typ 3s in warm
regions which came with simplified heat exchangers (SA, Australia).
Attached to the elbow or L shaped part of the exchanger, there should be
black metal plate clamped on.  This was probably there to prevent damage
from flying road debris.

If your heat exchangers do not have this insulation, you can bet that the
PO or some very P-O, removed the stuff.  Or then you might even have repro
Jopex heat exchangers which do not come insulated.  The Danes probably
feared a lawsuit if someone decided to eat the asbestos ...

>> Insualtion on the heat exchangers???? I dont have that, please tell me
>> more!!!
>> They are bare metal, just like the bug heat exhcangers.


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