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Re: [T3] Magical mystery wiring

On 3 Mar 99, at 23:01, Brian Fye wrote:

> My turn to chime in!  The morning commute in the darkness...
> Mņa:ft high beam, right low beam
> Tuesday-both high beams, no low beams
> Wednsday-right high beam, both low beams
> What's the deal?  At first, I figured one grounded short, but it keeps

What else would you expect when you pursue the Dark Side? ;-) Perhaps 
you have one of those hybird Type 3s, you know, remove Bosch FI 
install Dark Side Weber carbs, remove Bosch electrical system and 
install Lucas electrics.

Lucas, Prince of Darkness!!

Or perhaps you have just mistaken an old MG for your type 3.

I suspect that you have some bad connections in or to your fuse box. 
Perhaps some shorts, too. Have you been playing with that?

Both sides of the high and low beam circuits come through the dimmer 
relay together. They split at the fuse box. Perhaps you need to check 
the grounds at the headlamps. Perhaps you need to twirl the fuses in 
the holders so that they break through the layer of corrosion.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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