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Re: [T3] AC

On 4 Mar 99, at 13:29, John Clift wrote:

> I see the occasional mention on the net and other places about Air
> conditioning in aircooled vws.  I remember my dad had ac in his Bug and Ive
> seen mention of av in type 3's but know nothing of the downside of having
> ac in older vws.

The AC in aircooled VW was all Dealer installed. Since these were not 
engineered by the factory there ;y shortcomings. In the type 3 
the intake air shroud had to be butchered allowing the intake of warm 
air for cooling. It also required that the air cleaner be moved so 
that it no longer received air from the intake louvers. Then there 
was the fresh air duct that had to be jury rigged.

Top it all off with lots of holes cut in the body to allow for the 
routing of Freon lines and the mounting of the condensor under the 
gas tank, making the fuel pump and filter inaccessible.

Oh, yes. I forgot about the fact that you lose any chance of ever 
getting under the dash to service anything again.

Did I forget anything? ;-) I hope I've made my biases clear.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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