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Re: [T3] Seeking enlightenment pt.1

On 3 Mar 99, at 23:57, James Harding wrote:

> I've been subscribing for a while now and think this has to be one of  =
> the best ideas on the 'net! Hopefully, you'll be able to give me some
> advice... I'm presently running a '71 FI Fasty but am getting a '73 fasty
> in the = next few days.  This one's FI too but is an auto.  Yikes! :( Can
> you give me a ideas on what I should be looking out for on her as =
> opposed a manual?

The AT has BOTH ATF and gear lube. Check both levels. The 73 AT US FI 
will have the EGR valve near cyl 1 which will have long since rusted 
away its filter. Check this out for exhaust leaks that will destroy 
the FI wiring harness in that area. The exhaust outlet there should 
be capped properly to stop the damage.

>  AND, what aftermarket exhaust do you recommend?

The usual setup is called a Quiet Power exhaust, made by many places. 
Works pretty well, but you will have to cobble some of the heater 
ducts. If you install one of these, don't throw away your old rear 
heat exchangers.

OE mufflers fit better, last pretty well, but are getting hard to 
find. They give more heat.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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