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[T3] FI starting problems when "cold"

hi everybody,
	My '69 FI squareback has been having a hard time waking up recently.
Note: the 'cold start' injector has been discnected entirely ever since
i've owned the car. Also this problem has just started to rear it's ugly
head only recently.

	When cold, the motor doesn't start or it bogs down as if it's flooded. 
The battery dies... then I find somebody to jump start the car.....  It
takes about three solid minutues of cranking before the car spurts back
to life... although weakly :-(  
	I feels like it's flooding  and the only why to keep it from dying is
to keep the gas pedal down as the engine boggs out, then pumping the
pedal;  if the rpm gets too high.
	After ten minute of driving, the car feels like brand new. And with the
engine now all warned up, I can turn off the engine and then restart
with ease.  
	To get to work this morning, first i retimed the distrib, (at the
advise of a drunk old hippy), and then i broke down and used starting
fluid. I know that continued use of that product will shorten the life
of my  car dramaatically, So any advise on how to give my FI system a
leg up would be greatly appriciated


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