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Re: [T3] oil filters... From a motorcycle?

This would be a bad idea.... the last thing you want to ask your oil pump to
do is to have to suck the oil through the oil filter......... this would just
be asking for oil starvation problems, and what would happen if the filter
were to clog up ? I don't think the filter would have the same bypass feature
that the stock oil screen has.... there is a kit for an oil filter which
replaces the oil screen, but it is not recommended because of this problem.
The proper way of filtering the oil is to have the filter located after the
pump, thus having the oil pushed through it......no starvation problems, and
proper operation of a filter bypass valve.......

Todd Daley
71 Squareback
71 Fastback
72 Westy

scott a keck wrote:

> Hello everyone...  Have a question that has been simmering in the back of
> my mind for some time.   Several different brands of motorcycles uHoil filter that is mounted behind (over?) a plate in a similar fashion to
> a VW oil strainer.  So the question is, has anyone ever tried to match
> this type of oil filter for use in a VW air cooled engine in place of the
> strainer?

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