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Re: [T3] Subaru engine fitment for a Type III?

"Erkson, Toby" wrote:

> Here are a few pictures of a Subaru engine I took when Matt and I went to
> the
> Portland Convention Center for the new model car sho79ttp://www.icbm.org/gallery/car_shows/pdx99-23.jpg
> http://www.icbm.org/gallery/car_shows/pdx99-24.jpg
> http://www.icbm.org/gallery/car_shows/pdx99-25.jpg
> After making some quick measurements it looks as though the engine (and not
> tranny) will fit in length and width but depth-wise is iffy.  A stock height
> vehicle, quite possibly without much fear of hitting roadkill.  In a lowered
> vehicle I think the oil pan would be too close to the ground for comfort
> (assuming one keeps the engine below the decklid).  If a modified, flattened
> oil
> pan could be used then it would be a definite possibility.  These engines
> can
> come with a turbo as well.

Just a little comment.... There are some people here in Europe, that have put
AlfaRomeo boxers into the rear end of different VWs. I have seen a mag once, a
squareback, roof chopped, wheel base chopped [SWB!  :-)] and an AlfaRomeo 1,7
Twin Cam boxer stuffed into the rear. Nice!

'73 Square
'68 Bug
'88 Vanagon Syncro

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