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Re: [T3] Pressure in water bottle.....

Dave Hall wrote:

> Per, if you want the full info on 4-pot (4 pistons per caliper) bleeding
> etc, I'll send you a .gif of the technical pages.

I'd love to have a copy of that, as the Haynes don't have anything on those

> BTW, the small pads are also used on all pre-72 Type 3s with discs and
> non-US 1500 and 1600 Beetles, as well as all(?) disc braked T1 Ghias.

Yep, I have discs on my '68 Bug.

> The
> 411 type (larger) are needed for the 72-on with normal brakes (not M594,
> with strengthened braking system).

This is what I have on my '73 Square

> I've just checked the parts book; the 4-pot calipers do use the early pads!
> The only difference in the kit is a Type 2 retaining pin.  The pistons must
> be small if 2 of them have got room to push on the early pads.

The same pads as the bug on the 4-pots? I just cant agree on that! The bug pads
are 53 mm wide, while the 4-pot pads are 75 mm wide. I digged the new pads out
of a corner of the basement. The p/n for the big pads are 361 698 151 A (note
the p/n starts with 36 - variant only) The regular 72-73 pads for the type 3 is
a size in between the bug and 4-pot pads.

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