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Re: [T3] + points for P.O.

On 2 Mar 99, at 19:42, Dave Hall wrote:

> Nice when you discover things like that.
> My Squareback had a spare VW tailgŁ`+bolted to it behind the bumper.
> It was a bit corroded as you might expect! Since that lock is a
> replacement, it doesn't work the ign. and doors.  The lock part must come
> out somehow (drive out the pin?), but VW say you can't standardise it as
> you can the door locks.  I guess they mean that it isn't as easy to remove
> the rear barrel, as it is on the door locks, so it isn't a recognised
> procedure.  Has anyone dismantled the tailgate lock to get at the barrel?

It's an internal snap ring that is quite hard to get out, but not 
impossible. It is not an ordinary snap ring that has any normal way 
of getting it out. If necessary, one could drill a small hole from 
the outside of the barrel and push something in this hole to push the 
snap ring inwards and release it.

I had one that fell out on its own once, but I didn't have to re-key 
it, just reassemble it, so I don't remember if I could have gotten 
the cylinder apart.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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